Thursday, March 19, 2009

Played around with my blogroll, so I can see from my sidebar who has posted recently. If you are interested in being on my blogroll, just ask in the comments.


Anonymous said...

hello! I just want to say that I feel strangely lucky (or guided by God) to have met you and hope that we will be friends. isn't it funny when you meet someone and find a day later that you like them so much that you're determined to be in touch and even maybe get invited over to their house? this is how I feel about you ... I hope you don't feel like I'm a stalker or anything. well anyways. I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed testing with you and know that I'll see you again.

actually, sorry this is so long & effusive & etc., my roommate Natalie just told me (she has a pretty dull job and sometimes reads blogs all day) that she thinks you go to Two Rivers church, where another one of her friends goes, and we have almost decided to come visit.

in touch,
Anna Laura

truevyne said...

Anna Laura,
Come visit! and Natalie too. When shall we expect you? I can cook for you, but I won't be able to eat (grin). I do go to Two Rivers- who is your friend?
And I certainly don't feel stalked, but privileged instead.