Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My dear husband knows the way to my heart and how to help me out of a funk. After a crazy eventful day yesterday, he made a way to give me a little rest, by working out his schedule to take the boys to school, so I could sleep in. Then to top it off, he left two glorious presents for me on the chair to my room.

Here's one:


And the other:


Isn't he so romantic?


almostgotit said...

Only if you WANTED a hose and sprayer! (I assume you did.) When he starts giving you car washing soap to go with them, give me a holler and we'll set him straight right quick.

;0) Kidding. He's the Real Sweet Deal, all right!

truevyne said...

Almost, I'll simply pack his suitcase and give him your address
(hoping you still have the once, twice, a million times upon a mattress in the yard), if he ever tries to give me car wash supplies.

Hope said...

A few years ago this is exactly what I wanted for my birthday - a garden hose and a watering wand. My mom had the hardest time not phoning my husband and telling him this. I do look forward to my flowers this summer. I say this on a day where we had a snowstorm. Spring is under there somewhere.

Kayce said...

You know we've reached a milestone in our marriages when our spouses truly know that we do prefer these types of things as opposed to frivolous things such as jewelry or flowers. I have never wanted/liked jewelry or flowers (my husband hit the jackpot with me) but had he given me a Cuisinart Griddler for our 1st anniversary I would have killed him! Now, for our 12th, perfect-o! LOL

unquenchableworshipper said...

going on 21 years here..and it wasn't for an anniversary or birthday.. just cuz..

but her birthday is Wednesday..
I'm hoping she'll drop some clues before then.