Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I thought tonight I could levitate the black frying pan from the wooden cabinet to the top of the stove while I remained in the comfort of my bed resting my tired eyes. I dreamed one of my sons would be interested in cutting the potatoes and putting them into the sizzle and ooze of the olive oil. However, it's me that must rise and seize the moment for making dinner.

I simply can't imagine holding a full time job and raising my children when not being home two days in a row thoroughly wipes me out. Hats off to you fabulous mommies who must maneuver both worlds.

It's not hard work, but I've been testing first grade homeschoolers with the Stanford. There's monotony in the drone of "Mark the answer which tells how many shoes Juan had altogether." The bright shining eyes of these little ones makes it worthwhile, but I wish I was sharing a real story like Ms. Piggle-Wiggle with them instead of torturing those little souls with the correct spelling of the word have.

Here's the blog of my lovely assistant to peruse. If she's as good with blogging as she is with filling in standardized test bubbles, then you'll be in for a treat. Wink. She's an elegant college grad with a degree in English, so we might expect wonderfully crafted words. Yum.

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