Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dinner Out In Which I Cannot Eat

The sweet pitter patter in my heart has turned to full blast pounding. The elegant butterflies in my knotted stomach circle madly. My crazy brain is positively spinning. Meredith Lee astounded me with her simple art directing ideas for my project at dinner. Once she finds the source for the packaging she proposed, I'll order, assemble, and present a sample to my publisher, Kate. Hold your horses, Kate. This. Will. Be. Good. Who knew Meredith Lee could review my work and come up with amazing ideas on the spot which I can carry out? I honestly thought she'd have to get back to me after spending some days with the materials, but her first idea out of the gate took flight instantly. The only part of the dinner I concentrated enough to actually eat was the salad, and that was only because I needed to do something to occupy my swirling thoughts while Meredith Lee read over a few of my papers. When our entrees came, I forced down approximately three mouth fulls of chicken marsala and one bite of penne pasta marinara, because there was no way I could take in the delicious moment and delicious food at once. I'll eat from the to-go box tomorrow. Tonight I'll savor the hope of things to come.


Kate said...

this is so neat!
can't wait to see how it all unfolds. whatever the outcome, keep doing what you love most!

truevyne said...

Will do Kate!

~m2~ said...

i feel like i am sitting on the cusp of something really big with you and am so excited!!

only i would have eaten all of my dinner and part of hers, too. there is no crisis that can keep me from food, unfortunately :)

Scott said...

Don't leave me hanging here - please tell me you took the chicken home to your husband.

Sounds like terrific news, True. Congratulations!

unquenchableworshipper said...

she brought the chicken home alright and promptly had it for lunch the next day.