Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I spoke to a man I respect, Mitch, the other evening about war. He's a soldier, a father, a leader in my county. Mitch is optimistic and outspoken. How is that possible for an American soldier in 2006? Just when I'm sure I disagree with him, he comes around and validates my thinking. For example, the topic of media coverage of the war. It seemed that most everyone in the conversation thought media didn't belong in Iraq covering real time war; that the atrocious Abugrabe photos released insited further terrorism and insurgency. However, I believe media coverage to be something which keeps America accountable and free. While Mitch holds that the press should have strict guidelines, he affirmed my opposing position. I found the following statement Mitch made to be interesting:
Here are all the things we need to know about war. It's violent. It's
horrible. It's expensive. It's messy. It stinks. It
costs lives. And it is necessary. Everybody wishes
there was some other way, but there isn't. If we aren't willing to have a
strong military, someone else will, and we won't be free anymore.
What do you think?

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SmileDragon said...

I agree, war is necessary, for the right reasons, and under truthful curcumstances. I think media coverage in war is a good idea, it holds people accountable for their actions. Without some sort of non-mil. involvement, how would we know what was really going on?