Thursday, February 16, 2006

A New Day

[p]All, with the exception of Tator who has bronchitis, are well again in this household.[p] The car is fixed. Hallelujah! [/p] [p]The water leak is not only repaired but the utilities board attributed the problem to be somewhat their fault and will reduce our bill. Can I get an amen? [/p] [p]The garage who last changed the oil in our van, filled our van with oil, replaced the missing cap, and sprayed the engine clean. Glory![/p] [p] I even made it to the gym, and am putting finishing touches on a new material I've been writing. Somebody say God is good![/p] [p] I'm ever so grateful for a new day dawning. [/p][p] However, Scott from Swept Over the paragraph thing isn't working out on![/p]


Scott said...

Lol - so close! Use < and > in place of the [ and the ] and you'll be okay. Also, just use the /p only at the very end of the post, not in between each paragraph.

unquenchableworshipper said...

I forgot to tell you. The cap that was missing was the "oil reserve" cap and they said they never took that off, so Im still trying to locate one, but my makeshift cap is holding for now.