Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day

What's that? You say Valentine's Day was yesterday? Did I miss something? Yes, I missed it, completely, because for our family it was Vomitine's diarrhea Day. Four of six, experienced the most unpleasant February 14 th ever as we huddled shivering under covers in between dashing bursts to the our porcelain friend. And here's the rest of the story, something fell off my husband's car on his way out of the garage day before yesterday, and it needed a tow. The water company failed to tell us the water meter at the road a quarter mile from our house was submerged, yes under water, due to a leak which is on our side of the meter (can-you-believe-it!), and we now have a zillion dollar water bill for last month and a terribly sick husband who couldn't lift his head from the pillow yesterday to access whether he can fix it or not. Another thing which needs our immediate attention is our van; the garage who did our last oil change last week, accident's left the cap off after changing the oil, and the engine has been sprayed with black gunk and the oil light keeps flashing. Then there's the matter of the one wheezing sick child, my dear slightly recovered husband dragged himself out of bed to take to the doctor this morning. A dear friend called yesterday to offer a meal, and it was the first time I laughed all day. While it was a very generous and sincere offer, noone here wanted to talk about food in any way, shape, or form. I do feel better this morning, though sore and winded. And the sick people's bathrooms and bedding bid me, "Wash before I spread my terrible germs to the remaining children." Somehow, certainly not today, I will need to make up for a very sorry Valentine's Day to my eager little girl who begged to put up Valentine decorations the day we boxed up Christmas. I told her she'd confused me with our friend Mrs. Roberts when it came to bedecking the house for every holiday; I don't own any Valentine's Day decorations. Maybe I could find it in my heart to make heart shaped cookies and have hot tea with her in little cups soon. All that is love is not lost, because at least she got a valentine from a friend at ballet class Monday and one from Grandpa and Grandma M, and some matching jammies to me though they don't fit. Next is the matter of a neglected husband. I got the new Charlie Hall CD and cute Bambi pajama pants for my present. In return I gave him a G.I. bug. Hope he'll be able to forgive me someday.


unquenchableworshipper said...

Hey... I lost 4 1/2 pounds
what a gift!

Kate said...

Winded is the worst feeling after having a bug like that. EEEEK.
Get well very soon. :) (And then enjoy some chocolate!)

truevyne said...

I will eat some chocolate as a toast for you! Thanks for the well wishes.