Thursday, May 03, 2007

Collection of Thoughts from Last Night's Liturgy for Slow to Speak

The Church of the Willow Tree

Picnic table cathedraled by barked arching arms, green fingers dripping ropes of new growth. There is Healing in those hands.

Chirping birds ring as bells.

The feast exudes garlic and overflows with oil. There is Healing in that oil.

We share the truest kind of Communion until all the wine is drained from the glass.

Flowers dress the table. Meaningful blossoms of purity, friendship, loyalty, suffering, and wisdom. The frangrance is sweet.

Night falls with evening prayer.

The Holy Spirit falls fresh like a bird on wing.

Dogs bark in the distance reminding me of your parting. My eyes do not laugh at this thought, but I let you go willingly.

Your work is not here now.

Go meet with destiny, again.


Anonymous said...

Hi TrueVyne,

I'm Betsy, Rosie's 'Goat Yoda'- I read the comment on her blog- I've got two small Nubians, sisters, that need a home- they were from the same group that rosie got her Sonya and Dee Dee from- they are not bred.

I got them from a friend as a rescue- she was getting a divorce and had to place the last of her goats- I got them here and wormed them, gave them shots anbd food and they need to find a home- I am ready to see them go, I do not want them to go to the sale barn. I do not think they will ever be very big, but they are old enough to breed and they are extremely sweet.

Let me know if you would like to have them- email at GlastonburyFarm at juno dot com.

Goat Yoda

Ann V.@HolyExperience said...

Thank you.

truevyne said...

Thank you for your kind words Ann.