Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More everyday posting

The decluttering and painting is done in my room. Note that the cat is extremely pleased as he has many new opportunities of clean and clear space to shed white hair onto dark surfaces. I am totally bugged that the edger brush still put little silvery greenblue blots of paint on the ceiling, and I'm not altogether sure why. Grrr! I so wanted to do it perfectly- like our fancypant orthodontist's office with the Hummer brace bus.

Buck agreed to new carpet, but I am intimidated about picking something out. Last time I chose a berber, I didn't see the goofy orange dots in the sample until it covered my little girl's bedroom floor.

Tater's Children's International Summer Village leader, Amber, came for dinner tonight. She just graduated with her degree in child psychology- specializing in schizophrenia and violent personality disorders. During a wild Vyne card game of The Great Dalmuti with Amber and our family, Tater exclaimed, "Isn't mine a totally crazy family?" Amber could not contain her laughter, "No, Tater. I've met my share of totally crazy families, and this isn't one." It was a priceless moment lost on Tater, but well appreciated by me and Buck. Every family member accompanied Amber on a tour of the pretend True Vyne Farm, and we ended by going over paperwork for their trip to France. She mentioned the possibility of us hosting an overnight for team building for U.S. delegates before they head out in July. Sounds great to me.

Tomorrow Hauna and I plan to teach ourselves how to build a trellis from vines from a book. Wish us luck.

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