Tuesday, May 01, 2007


What's sproutin' today in True Vyne garden?
sweet corn
nasturtium (never sprouted these outside in the ground before)
a precious few wildflowers
yellow squash
beans, beans, beans (bush and pole)

Still no sign of watermelon, cucumbers or snap dragons. Hoping they simply take more time to germinate. I'm not joking when I tell you that I go out to my garden a few times a day in spring just to see if something new has popped up through the soil. It delights me to no end when I identify a new bud other than a weed pushing out of the dirt.

Speaking of new things. My children found two new baby chicks in the shed two days ago. Nothing like fuzzy yellow peeping creatures to ignite joy and energy in our family. Let the hatching begin!

I'm writing a liturgy for tomorrow to send a dear friend, Slow to Speak (aka Runs with Scissors) off to Oklahoma with the blessing of deep friendship. The liturgy is coming along beautifully, but I must admit a heavy heart in letting her go. She's called to live among the Kiowa Indians- a worthy work. I'm told she's giving me my Indian name in our service, something I look forward to receiving.

Off to make home made cinnamon rolls. The dough has been rising since I began in the garden this morning. We have an honored eleven year old guest who might like to eat breakfast sooner or later.


Kat said...

My busy, stressed-out oldest child needed peace in her life, so we are growing an herb garden. Not sure how this is suposed to help, but it's what she wanted to do. We are checking the tiny sprouts several times a day, wondering what we're growing since we didn't think to label anything!

truevyne said...

Dear Kat,
Gardens are peace. You are on the right track. Herbs are some of my happiest things to grow.

~m2~ said...

with all the issues i have been having with my daughter this year, a garden might be the *ticket*

i am sorry your friend is leaving you, but how cool you will receive an Indian name -please post what it is once you do.

we used to have an Indian name for my father-in-law whenever we ran a new plan for the restaurant by him -- it was "Wind out of Sails" :)


Questing Parson said...

Boy can I identify with watching for something to sprout. I hauled a lot of railroad ties into place to terrace this yard and those bulbs just won't cooperate.

truevyne said...

"Wind out of Sails"! Too funny. Hope things are looking better for your daughter.

Dear Questing,
Let me know if sprouting happens.

Donald Leung said...

Hi Vyne,

The picture of the chick and egg is adorable. I'm a member of Vegan Campaigns based in London, setting up a group on Facebook. I was looking for a nice picture that might win the hearts of our visitors, and out of the 100s I flicked through on the web, yours stood out :) So, could we use your picture please? Please forgive me for trying to get things done and prepping the image already, but I can remove it easily if you wish, no problem, I appreciate completely it is your picture.

Donald Leung
Vegan Campaigns