Thursday, May 17, 2007

What I like to do on vacation:
read, read, read
work out everyday
be alone or just with my beloved
see and learn new things

What I've done on vacation:
read a little
worked out a little, took my first Pilates class ever
played Sorry, Uno Attack, cards
went to see Spiderman III
rode a zillion roller coasters
saw the Weeki Wachi mermaids (again), they were so glad we came
visited with all the grandparents and a dear aunt and uncle
sat on the beach, I put my feet in but I don't like to swim with sharks
watched some television I never see like National Geographic
spent a day away with Buck
totally dug the Salvador Dali museum in St. Pete

I'm missing my garden and hoping the new rescued goats are adjusting well with the others. Hauna is taking care of everything at True Vyne Farm, so I know all is fine. I'm also missing long times of quiet away from others and the sacred unhurriedness of the life we create at home. The grass will be up our knees when we arrive, due to the ever malfunctioning lawn tractors. Before we left, Buck broke down and purchased a faithful John Deere, but, of course, it rained the two days before we vacated. I'll have to fight Buck for the mower- both of us enjoy cutting the fields.


Kate said...

Fighting over the mower - now THAT I'd like to see! Sounds like you ned a vacation from your vacation! Hope the goats are adjusting well. :)

truevyne said...

Goats are oh so cute and sweet! The lawnmower fights go something like this- I say, "There's too much dew on the grass, you better wait till later. I'll put the key away for you." Then I sneak out the back door and mow anyway. Buck comes out and says, "You better leave the back yard for me then." You think we'd both be sick of it, as there are 3 acres we keep mowed, but we aren't. It's the solitude I think.