Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Shhh. It's a secret. While our son Tater is away at camp, we are giving his room an extreme makeover. He and Wise One used to room together, and we brought a somewhat dorky and incomplete boyish cowboy theme from our former residence four years ago. Wise One recently moved into his own space, and now we can think "Tater" designing thoughts exclusively for this room.
He's a guitar lovin', soccer playin' tween who favors fashionable black Underarmor. He'd love nothing more than a cell phone, game cube, his own apartment, and car right now- except for the fact that he's only eleven. No more superhero or animal themes for this guy. As the primary decorator, I decided to paint the walls silver, hang black silk curtains, purchase a grey and black camouflage bed in a bag, hang his guitars and banjo like pictures on the wall, and top it all off with a black bean bag chair. Mind you, I've never seen a room quite like this, but I think the design should last until:
a) he's off to college.
b) is capable of changing it all himself with his own money and time.

One of my friends thinks I'm a bit nuts not to include him in on the plans, but I believe he'll go nuts like the people on the Home Extreme Makeover show. Yes, I expect screams, bear hugs, stomps, and tears of joy. And I'll go all Ty Pennington with "We knew with the tremendous pressures of being a sixth grader in family as crazy as the Vyne's, you needed to be a place to express yourself." Only I'm not adding on an indoor soccer field to his room or buying Led Zepplin's original "Stairway" guitar like Ty would.


Kimmie said...

How fun- God bless you for wanting to surprise your son. I hope it comes out as you imagine and that your son will be greatly blessed by your effort for him.

What a sweet mama you are-enjoy your creativity!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

How exciting- for all of you. Do we get to see pictures when it is finished? have you thought about painting the wall trim a different color like black to go with the silver walls and black curtains? Just a thought to break it up from the ceiling and add extra defintion.

truevyne said...

Kimmie, thank you for your sweet words.

Farmchick, I can't stand to paint trim- so messy- but it is a way cool idea I'll think about. I can't promise pics as blogger makes it really difficult for me to put pics on my blog from my camera. I used to be able to?! I'm always envious of the amazin' pic you put on your blog from your daily life.

kddub said...

I love it! You need to post pictures later....

I helped a friend a couple of years ago do this for her then teenage son's room. They did it black and red dragon theme. He flipped, he loved it!

Let us know how the reveal goes!

truevyne said...

I'll let you know about the reveal kdub. Can't promise pics as blogger gives me fits about that.