Sunday, July 08, 2007

Yesterday and today the Vyne's children swam in the Smoky Mountain Invitational. Translation- True and Buck sat endless hours in a smoldering tent dripping sweat in between a handful of 30 second races. The highlight of my day happened when someone poured ice cold water down the back of my clothes at my request.

All of us roll home from these events ready to drop. Last night, I unwound from the long day by watching The Painted Veil with one of my favorite actors, Edward Norton. I've tried to catch all of his films since I first caught up with him in American History X. The Painted Veil get a thumbs up and an almost 9 on the terribly scientific Vyne 1-10 scale. The themes hit my favorite subjects- the truest kind of love and forgiveness framed in humanitarianism.

Tonight PBS should serve to relax me with Masterpiece Theater or Mystery!.

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