Saturday, June 14, 2008

Conversations from the Minivan

Pooh Bear: Mommy, I keep forgetting to ask for my dolphin back that I left at my friend's house. I miss my dolphin.

Tater: You miss a dolphin? Don't you have a million other plush toys?

Me: She does want to be a dolphin trainer when she grows up. (!?not sure why she has chosen this particular career path at this point considering we are nowhere near saltwater, but at seven she does have time to change her mind?!)

Peace: Plush? You mean stuffed. When a toy is plush, that means you can press it, and it will talk.

Me: What?

Tater: Plush means stuffed, goofy!

Me: Yeah, Peace. One can describe carpet as plush. However, if you walk on plush carpet, let's hope it doesn't talk.

Peace: (in a squeaky high pitched voice) Ouch! Stop stepping on me.


Kristin said...

I love kids' conversations, and perspectives, it's so cute....

I tagged you from my blog, go check it out if you want to participate!

Kat said...

My daughter wants to be a profesional rock climber. I tried to tell her that nobody will actually pay her to climb rock walls, but I made the mistake of saying it in front of a friend who's a professional kayaker. No joke. He quickly set her straight...rock climbers, like kayakers, can get endorsements if they're good enough, and can make quite a nice living off of it. Thanks, buddy.

Anonymous said...

and I believe you already know that my daughter's lifelong dream has been to be a cheerleader with a baby... (yes, I have told her that if you get pregnant they tend to kick you off the squad..) but no kidding aside, that is what she wants!

truevyne said...

I enjoyed participating.

Yeah, thanks, buddy. Maybe she could get a job at a someplace like Riversports here in Kville. They have a rock climbing wall and must have instructors. For money, maybe she could journal her rock climbing experiences in Africa and sell it as a memoir?

I believe it is your daughter who influenced mine to become a dolphin trainer. You have no worries! Remember I told you Wise One used to want to become a raptor when he grew up?

Kat said...

Thanks True! I knew I could count on you to pour gas on the fire! LOL!

Anonymous said...

OH! I hadn't read this far down before! I will REALLY REALLY TRY to remember to bring the dolphin Sunday! :-) Deb