Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Peace remembered yesterday the thrill he got as a young child from calling the public library's Dial a Story. He noticed Pooh Bear learning to use the phone lately, so he went online to find the phone number after all these years. He drew and colored a sunny landscape picture on the computer and put typed the phone number in a fun font smack dab in the middle of the green meadow on the page. Peace printed it and presented it to Pooh Bear with great majesty. Together they turned on speaker phone and dialed. Giggles everywhere as the cheesy voice read The Teeny Tiny Woman to them.

It's a mother's joy to have a teenager interested in pleasing his little sister without any kind of prompting.


hiddenart said...

How wonderful.
The story they heard cracks me up. I just read it the other night as I was moving my old books to my art studio. I even have a record of the story in the funniest little voice. It's a riot.

truevyne said...

cute, amanda~

Anonymous said...

I love that......I will ask my big kids to do that for our little one, too! (They need to be prompted yes, but *she* will still reap the benefit!)

Tell your little one that her miracle dolphin is safe and sound...I will TRY to remember to bring it Sunday!