Thursday, June 19, 2008

since i'm waking up ever so early with the summer sun, i have the morning to myself before my children rattle their little bones from slumber. my quiet time directed me to enjoy the Lord with singing and dancing. i didn't want to wake anyone so I stuck on my ipod and relaxed on the couch to my favorite everything tunes which I haven't done for a while.

so comforting. so peaceful. so moving.

peace's old cat, who largely ignores me most days though i love him to pieces, jumped up on the couch with me. He made the house shake with his thunderous purring. i understand when anne lamott compares the Holy Spirit to a cat- fully present on Her own terms.

i felt like making noise, so i stepped outside on my inviting long porch to avoid waking the quiet sleepers. a cardinal greeted me from my rosebush. two bunnies stood motionless a few feet away. a hen and a rooster rounded the bend of the house walking toward me. the cat came out with me. i giggled thinking that i was supposed to be having time alone, yet all the critters had gathered around me like i was singing A Happy Working Song from Enchanted. The dewy meadow outside my front door fit the song, David Crowder Everything Glorious.

i found myself distractable and loved this morning.

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Kristin said...

that gave me goosebumps... sounds wonderful.