Thursday, January 05, 2006

A bit of Mission Accomplished

Found a close match to my drinking glasses at Carolina Pottery after searching several stores.

Took pictures of my friend's eroding street in order to prod proper county authorities to PAVE it.

Ate a romantic dinner at my very favorite cozy Italian restaurant, Naples with my all time favorite man. I had splendid lemon picatta chicken with capers and a lovely house salad. Why can't I cook something so savory? Oh yeah. I don't enjoy cooking, and it always tastes better if someone else does all the work.

Buck actually took me to see Pride and Prejudice. I so love the book
I was just a tad disappointed with the movie. Buck added humour throughout the movie with his mighty male commentary. Frequently the character Lizzy would stare blankly in thought into nothingness, and Buck would snark, "Not another bipolar moment!" and "Is this one of those movies where absolutely no one is happy by the end?"

My babysitter and dear friend greatly encouraged me with kind words about my wonderful well mannered children. Yes, they actually play well and gently with her rough and tumble five year old BOY.

Buck and I caught the end of the National College Championship Football game when we got home. I rooted for University of Texas solely based on the UT initials and colors of the uniforms being close to the Tennessee Vols. Please forgive me REAL football fans for my shallow team spirit reasoning. The game truly was a nail biter all the way up to the last 9 seconds!

I crashed into bed a contented woman last night.

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Running2Ks said...

Buck's male commentary is hilarious!