Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I have a date tonight. With my husband. We have a sitter. I assume Buck has made romantic plans. Last night after having dinner with my husband while I took Peace to basketball practice, my Uncle told me Buck's plans were to go to a sports bar to watch some important football game and drink beer. While I am certain this is not the case, because I'd never agree to any further dates with my man, I don't have a clue to what Buck has come up with. I don't suppose he'll take me to see the movie Pride and Prejudice, because that's a GIRL movie.

I've thought up some completely unromantic plans since we'll be in the big city...

To buy or order more drinking glasses and white plates, because at Christmas dinner, I found my table to be a tad mismatched. Also, I realized my best Christmas table cloth does not fit my long table. I must not have used it for the past two Christmases. Finding another festive table cover, on sale, would be fabulous. I hope you don't get the impression I am talking fine china and linens. I only want my $4 drinking glasses and $3 plates to resemble one another.

I'd also like to take photos of a friend's terribly neglected road. Her neighbor at the top of the paved road doesn't want to become part of the city by getting the rest of the it paved to avoid Knoxville city taxes. My friend, near the bottom of the unpaved road, which the top neighbor is supposed to maintain, cannot drive down her steet without fear of breaking an axle or someone's exposed plumbing pipes peaking out of the gravel and dirt. Yikes! Once when I visited, I decided it best to park at the neighbor's and walk down in the dark (no street lights either) with my children in tow. It was outright frightening to navigate the deep holes and mounds with slippery gravel not to mention someone shooting off a gun in the distance. Yes, folks, this is NOT the third world, but a named Knoxville street. On another day, perhaps I'll take her to the appropriate office downtown to get some action.

We'll see what Buck has up his sleeve. Some years ago he took me out on a surprise date. I asked, "What should I wear?" to which he promptly replied, "It doesn't matter." However, when he drove just past the play of Phantom of the Opera into a nearby fancy restaurant parking lot, I asked if we could skip dinner, so I could go home and change into something less conspicuous than jeans and a t-shirt for an elegant evening on the town.

Tonight, I'll remind him that dress does matter before I ask what to wear.


truevyne said...
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unquenchableworshipper said...

I was always waiting for the big battle scene, but alas not even a hint of fistacuffs. But the company made it a fabulous movie experience.

Running2Ks said...

Yeah, it matters--men, sheesh!