Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Peace Writes

Leave Peace alone for an hour at home and he just might compose something besides a sword or shield with duct tape and wood. Here's his new song.

If the Lord Came Again

If the Lord came again, would we all be happy, my friend?
He is already here, you see.
He's come to earth to save you and me.

I tell you all His words are true.
He came here to save me and you.
So, prepare for Him, my friend.
He's coming to do good works again.

He's coming to the world to make it pure.
We'll all be happy there I'm sure.
He's coming back, I'm sure
To heal the blind and help the poor.

He's coming back to do good works again.

So come fast and come quickly,
To see the good works He's done in me.

When we leave the world, you'll see,
He's made a special place for you and me.
So let us go to the world, my friend
So we can tell His good works again.
To tell His words, my friend,
To tell He's coming again.


tonia/sparrow said...

How moving! That young man surely loves the Lord. Thanks for sharing it.

Running2Ks said...

Peace is amazing, and you are an incredible mom!

Scott said...

The boy has talent - a very nice poem.