Thursday, January 12, 2006

Tator Writes

Ask my Tator to consider writing an encouraging birthday letter to a dear friend who turns 13, and here is what might happen.

Dear Mick,
I'm sorry we can't come to your party. My dad is going to a men's retreat for our church, so I'll tell you now what the Lord has said to me. You are a knight going into a land of evil. You are entering the land and everything is dark and dull, but as you ride by everyone, everything turns bright and beautiful, and the land of darkness is vanquished. Have a great brithday! And again I'm sorry I can't see you go into manhood.


thicket dweller said...

Wow. Can you raise my sons, too, please?

truevyne said...

Oh, Thicket, the good things that come from my children are so not my own doing. That's all grace! Though sarcasm and short tempers in my children directly correlate with my behavior.

Running2Ks said...


SmileDragon said...

That is wonderful. Though I don't share in your families passion for religion, I was moved by this letter.

unquenchableworshipper said...

I, on the other hand, share your family's faith.. I better, anyway.

Let it be so Tator!