Monday, January 02, 2006

Peace Turns 12

It's official my oldest child is older still. He turned twelve today and here is what he has to say:

Me: "What's it like to turn 12?"
Peace: "Ummm. I don't really know cause it's like one year till I'm a teenager."
Me: "What are your plans for this year?"
Peace: "I don't really have any."
Me: "If you could change anything about your life what would it be?"
Peace: "Stop being angry at my brothers."
Me: "If you could go anywhere this year, where would it be?"
Peace: "To Japan." (he doesn't say so just now, but he's utterly smitten with a Gundam book he got in our stop in the Tokyo airport, and now he wants to get more books and models)
Me: "And what would you do there?"
Peace: "See one of their museums. Buy some model kits."
Me: "What has been your happiest day so far in your life?"
Peace: "When we were at the Great Wall of China."
Me: "What's been your most disappointing day ever?"
Peace: "Not feeling good on my birthday, Christmas and Thanksgiving."
Me: "What is your favorite thing to do?"
Peace: "Pet Patches." (his cat)
Me: "Who do you like hanging out with the most?"
Peace: "Artmaker."
Me: "What do you like to eat?"
Peace: "Japanese food. That's too much about Japan. Soft tacos. Icecream."
Me: "What do you want to do before you turn into a teenager next year?"
Peace: "Don't know."
Me: "What is your favorite movies?"
Peace: "Lord of the Rings."
Me: "Favorite book?"
Peace: "The Hobbit."
Me: "Guess what you will do as a career when you are a man."
Peace: "I'll run an animal rescue for cats."
Me: "What are your favorite activities?"
Peace: "Running. Biking. Basketball. Soccor. Swimming. Building models."
Me: "Favorite salad dressing?"
Peace: "Ranch!"
Me: "Favorite song."
Peace: "Foreverandever" David Crowder Band*
Me: "If you could change one thing about your parents, what would it be?"
Peace: "Dad's work schedule." (Amen)
Me: "Favorite homeschooling thing."
Peace: "I can do my work outside. I don't have to go to school when it's freezing out."
Me: "Least favorite thing about homeschool."
Peace: "Doing work on a snow day."
Me: "What's been your favorite present ever?"
Peace: "My loft bed."
Me: "Favorite game to play?"
Peace: "Mech Warrior Dark Age."

The birth of this boy began an entirely new life for me. I am changed for the better, because of my relationship with him.


Running2Ks said...

He is amazing. Usually by 12, boys don't talk and would never submit to questioning or interviews. Happy Birthday, Peace! What a smart guy with so many interests. He'll take the teenage world by storm :)

~m2~ said...

happiest of birthdays from another david crowder fan :)

(what a cool kid! oh, like i'm surprised.....)

truevyne said...

Dear Running and M2,
Thank you. When I look at my children I am amazed. I'm holding on tight for the wild teenage ride beginning sooner than I can imagine.