Sunday, June 21, 2009

At 2:15 p.m. the children ran in from the goat field to report Sissy (can you believe it wasn't Ginger?) had a curious string of mucous hanging from her bottom. Yep, she was having contractions, so we brought her in. She contracted so long that I took her back to the field from the birthing stall to see if that would relax her more after several hours without much progress. At 8:40 p.m. I checked and she had blood in her mucous and things were happening. By 9:30, I could see one hoof and a nose emerging which was bad news. After many Sissy made many strains, I asked Peace to consider going in after the other hoof. While he was getting ready by reading the book, I worked up the nerve to do it myself. Peace coached me, "On the next contraction, push the baby back in. Follow the body back and cup the hoof and gently pull it forward." We waited for the right moment and I shoved. The next thing I knew, the other hoof popped out. Whatever I did, worked. Sissy kidded and kidded again. Two bucks- one bigger and much stronger, the other frail. Not sure he's going to make it. I suctioned them out with the bulb syringe and wiped them clean.

Sissy refuses to acknowledge the babies, and we had to force her to nurse them by holding her. She kicked even then. Rough road ahead.

One goat kidded. Three more to go.


Anonymous said...

As a librarian, I just have to love this story. The image of Peace reading instructions out of a book while you help a goat kid is just priceless. Hope they both make it!

Heather Low said...

What a story. Hope to see photos of the kids soon!
By the way, look at this link. Zack said the lady looks like Aunty Pam :).

truevyne said...

Dear anon,
I hope they do as well. This morning the little guy still can't stand. Buck helped me force the mother to feed them again. Sissy does not enjoy nurxing.

So glad you stopped by the ole' blog.
And I don't mind at all being a Rembrant woman. In fact, it might make me a saint with all that light shining on me in the painting.

Fortheshep said...

Congradulations. Hope the little one is doing okay and that the other births will go well. Blessings

truevyne said...

thanks, shep. they are doing well