Friday, June 05, 2009

Okay, with all this allergy stuff happnin' to my body I've had a major blessing from my friend, Lynk. She met with me for a few hours yesterday encouraging me from despair to the new journey I'm embarked upon with food. She positively loves to cook and explore new foods. I don't, but her inspiration moved me forward. She has her own crazy list of food allergies and is very creative about substitutions. She taught me how to look at a recipe with new eyes as she introduced me to agave, coconut milk, xantham, quinoa, and agar. Stuff I may have heard about but had no use for in the past. Looks like these will become my new buds now. The normal egg replacers include soy and simply won't work for me. And let me tell you, sisters and brothers, everything on earth that's pre-made has corn in some form hidden within. I'll be cooking from scratch and watching every ingredient like a father watches his daughter's first boyfriend.

Lynk also says she wants me to come over and we'll develop a recipe together, maybe not for bread, but for a cracker of some sort. It'll be so lovely to have something crunchy on queue. I miss bread like a sports nut's wife misses her husband during football season- always present, but just out of reach.
Lynk will also take me shopping in a health food grocery store to look for further options.

So, it's overwhelming and humbling to know a person who'll literally walk beside me on my unchartered path. Applause to Lynk- another new hero of mine.

p.s. Buck is making me flourless peanut butter cookies substituting homemade applesauce for eggs. Hope it works. I haven't had a cookie for months!


almostgotit said...

Hey True! I'm so glad you have a friend like Lynk. And it was great setting eyes on you myself, the other day.

Anonymous said...

Can you still have goat's milk? Need to know.
College kat

truevyne said...

I dunno if I can, College kat. I wasn't tested for goat milk. At this point I'm eating and drinking only from the list of foods to which I had less of reaction.