Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Kidding Time in Tennesse

I have butterflies thumping around in my stomach like shoes in a dryer. Buck let me know yesterday that Ginger's bag is filling with milk which means kidding is just around the corner. This explains why I put up the photo of a goat's bum for you to see. Notice how the she's bulging back there? I'm nervous, because I've only kidded once about five years ago,and it went smoothly as a silk kimono. Let me tell you folks, there absolutely nothing cuter than a baby goat or two or three. There's nothing more miraculous than birth, and I'm in awe that I may have the chance to witness something of heaven touching earth very soon.

Buck and I snapped a kidding stall together quickly in a our garage this morning. Gloves, iodine, kid puller, lubricant, antibiotic bolus, paper towels, bath towels, soft music, water, hay, baby snot sucking syringe, feed, raisins, molasses instructions guide (Barnyard in your Backyard), overalls- we got the works.

It's just like a human birth. Ginger hasn't dropped her mucous plug yet, and she's not stargazing or getting up and laying down to get comfortable, so I don't need to bring her in just yet.

The very goofy buck in the photo (the one with horns in the pic) has been on loan since January. He musta got it on at some point with the ladies. Insert Barry White music here. I wasn't sure he had it in him, since he's kinda small and not so assertive. But obviously he's got what it takes to be a baby daddy.

Wish us luck! And say some prayers for easy deliveries if you are the praying kind. A couple of our does have never kidded before.


Amber(Homeschool Diva) said...

Wow - your post actually makes me want to experience this one day in my life. You don't get this in traditional school that is for darn sure. I can't wait to see pics of the newborns.

truevyne said...

Still not born yet, but we are ready!
I'll post pics.