Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Our cat, Patches, is very annoyed. Two and a half weeks ago, he had his nasty blind eye removed due to circumstances too gross for blog readers to endure. Anyhow, the vet sewed the fur shut from temple to cheek and left him looking very much like an ugly cat pirate.

The stitches popped open in the middle, and Patches had be to re-sewn and kept overnight. Again. And then a third time. He's angry due to the Elizabethan collar he must parade around wearing. Humiliated in fact. He refuses eye contact and sulks. A friend mentioned that animals consider it "the cone of shame".

In the day home between stitches he gained an entire pound. Methinks he refuses to eat or drink at the mean ole' vet's office.

Patches is old as dirt but tough as nails. My prayer is that he'll make it through all this healing and dies a happy sudden death laying in his favorite spot- in the warm summer sun on the front sidewalk.


almostgotit said...

It's not an *Elizabethan* collar -- have you not yet seen "UP?" It is, my dear,


Annoying, indeed!

truevyne said...

almost, havent' seen it yet, but I will on your recommendation. probably will wait for the cheap dvd version though. Cost our family around $90 to see Star Trek in imax... and yes, it was the matinee.