Tuesday, June 09, 2009

In a way it is humorous. In other ways it's sad. I took my son with attachment issues, Tater to the doc for a well person visit. When the doctor would ask a question, Tater's answers were off sometimes. For example:

Doc: Do you drink milk everyday?
Tater: Yes!
Me: Ummmm. Tell the doctor the last time you drank milk, cause I haven't seen it.
Tater: I drink it everyday. I had some the day before our campout.
Me: That was five days ago, so do you really drink milk everyday?
Tater: Almost. I drink it when it's chocolate.
Me: When do we ever buy chocolate milk?
Tater: Dad buys it sometimes, but never you.
Me: I can't remember if it was Christmas when Dad bought chocolate milk once. And Doc, just so you know, when this guy was a baby, he was allergic to milk, so he never developed a taste for it. He tells me he doesn't like milk.
Doc: Well, he needs calcium and vitamin D from some source. How about orange just enriched with vitamin D?
Tater: I drink that all the time.

At which point I shut my mouth tightly and started my own inner dialogue to get back to what actually happens on planet earth, "We certainly don't buy orange juice all the time either, but this is gonna come across as weird if I keep up this nutty banter in front of the doctor. The physician just wants to be sure he's getting his vitamins in somewhere, and he eats enough good food for that to happen."

Later there was this question-

Doc: What's this scar on your belly?
Tater: It's a bruise from where a kid and I were playing rough at Scouts the other day.
Me: Honey, it's from that nasty infection you got this last year.
Tater: No, it isn't. I got it from Cade when...

Man, I do not understand why the simple truth doesn't work for my son. It's that crazy lying symptom, and I pray someday he'll find his way out of it.

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