Saturday, June 06, 2009

I bulldozed my daughter's wreck of a room today for eleven hours. The result? One packed bag of trash. Two generous bags of toys. I love that she actually easily gives up toys on her own, because she knows she's moved on from them. Three stuffed bags of size six girl's winter clothing. Need 'em? My whole body aches from all the up and down. Heck, I even swept the ceiling. If you are Pooh Bear's friend, I'm giving fair warning, better come over quick, before she starts her next horrific mess, I mean, craft project. It won't last.

Pooh Bear is prancing and dancing about. She keeps kissing and thanking me. Apparently, it's been a long time since we've cleaned in there. Perhaps it was purged last the middle ages?

And just so you know, the carefully placed butterfly rug in the middle of the room hides the blue, yellow, and green permanent marker stains on the carpet. Not worry, there's all kinds of decoy spots here and there I tried unsuccessfully to scrub up to distract from the oddly placed winged rug.

Buck fueled my efforts with eggless flourless peanut butter cookies, which are yummy by the way.

Buck's job today involved grooming our poor unattended Great Pyr, Ripley. And as always, there is enough fur to make another dog if anyone would so desire.

Our neighbor asked if he could Bobcat our very long gravel driveway to the tune of sixty-five big bucks an hour. We jumped on it, because it's been a groovy road in all the wrong ways since all the spring rains.

Very productive day at the Vyne home. What have you done today?


Anonymous said...

Pooh Bear gets it from her Auntie S!!

Alison said...

Does a half-written outline about healthcare access for the uninsured count? My house is still a mess though...and the yard even worse! :)

truevyne said...

LOL Auntie S and Alison!